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In order to allow our syndication partners time to air, each episode will be posted one week after its release. Until then, you may listen to the preview.

All podcast and downloadable versions of the show are mastered in analog surround sound. Simply set your home reciever to "Pro Logic," "Pro Logic II," or "Pro Logic II Movie," whichever applies to your system. The podcast is compatable with all stereo audio systems.

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Episode 1 - "Gnome is Where the Heart is" (Full Episode)


Episode 2 - "Strange Cargo" (Full Episode)


Episode 3 - "The Perfect House" (Full Episode)


Episode 4 - "Under the Boards" (Full Episode)


Episode 5 - "The Raggedy Man Cometh" (Full Episode)


Episode 6 - "No Service" (Full Episode)


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