The House That Makes Us

David and his teenage daughter Freeney have found the perfect house to begin anew after a family tragedy. The home's previous residents however, have something else in mind.

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The Cast

Robert Kirik

Robert Kirik - "David"

A stage actor since 1985, he has appeared in over forty stage productions. Highlights include "Hamlet", "Waiting For Godot" "Death Of A Salesman" "The Trojan Women" "The Lion In Winter" "The Merchant Of Venice" and "One Flew Over The Cockoo's Nest". He has had a great time participating in this fantastic Radio Series. Robert will be seen next as "Patrick Yurkowski" in the feature film "Mayflower ll"

Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony - "Jerry"

Mike Anthony has been acting off and on for 20 years which includes 3 years of Voice Acting. In addition, he is the director/writer for his own Web Series "The Reapers" that is currently in production. When not Acting, Mike enjoys Video Games, Anime, and playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. He is always on the hunt for the next gig and has been successfully finding lots of work on the Indie Market. If you're interested in hearing more of his work or listening to his demos, feel free to look him up on his fanpage: Mike Anthony: Voice Actor and more

Melissa Kwasek

Melissa Kwasek - "Freeney"

Melissa is both a performer and an artist. Her most recent work is with Canscare performing in an upcoming short film collection (Strange Yarns) and working with Odd-Lot Puppetry Company in performance (Yuletide Yeti) and fabrication (Lion King Jr.). Her work in film includes a sci-fi short (Pre-War Princess), a feature (Lift), and video work for Randompath Media appearing in a number of music videos. She is a graduate of the Red Deer College Motion Picture Arts program and had attended both McEwan Theatre Arts program and the fine arts program at Emily Carr University in Vancouver. She enjoys taking on art commissions and is always up for the challenge of tackling new projects.

Chandler Kerr

Chandler Kerr - "Kyle"

Chandler Kerr made his radio theatre debut with Darkside Drive. He is best known for playing the lead, “Tommy”, in Lewis John Carlino’s famous play, “The Brick & the Rose”. He sung the lead in “Benjamin Calypso” for “Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in Drumheller where he went to high school. He has studied at Studio 7, 6 Degrees, ToonVox, Actor’s Training Centre and the Company of Rogues. He acted in some local independent projects such as “How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse in Retail” before landing a part in the popular TV series “Fargo” and “Hell on Wheels.” He recently composed a piano theme for an indie and hopes to use his talent for theatre and film. When not acting, Chandler spends his time helping people earn more income, become debt free and achieve financial independence. He thanks his agent and his audience for a wonderful experience living his major purpose in life.

Deborah Ferguson

Deborah Ferguson - "Patricia Parkinson"

Deborah Ferguson is a Calgary actor, educator and director. She has recently been seen in Steel Magnolias as Clairee and in Family Tear as a Mom with 5 stages of Alzheimers. She holds a diploma in Performing Arts from MacEwan and a BMus, BEd from Calgary. Education took her to Ontario where she worked in that artisitic community. Deborah sends kudos to Justin Guild for his passion and hard work to create Darkside Drive.

Stuart Bentley

Stuart Bentley - "Norman Parkinson"

Stuart has been acting (and occasionally singing) on stage and in film for 45 years. Stage highlights include Nixon in “Frost-Nixon”, Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady" and Caldwell B. Cladwell in “Urinetown: The Musical”. Recent film and TV credits include roles in "Damnation" and "Wynonna Earp", and the crazed killer Gordo in "Herschell Gordon Lewis' Bloodmania". Voice work has become Stuart's passion and along with the commercials he has recorded for radio over the years, he is thrilled to be working with the talented team on Darkside Drive!

The Writer

Jason Long

Jason Long

Jason has been writing for film and theatre in Canada for close to twenty years now. He’s written three feature films alongside frequent collaborator, Robert Cuffley, Turning Paige, Walk All Over Me, and Chokeslam, which was part of the Canadian Film Centre’s Comedy Exchange Program in 2015 and premiered in the fall of 2016. (**AMPIA AWARD WINNER, 2017 – Best Feature Screenplay – Chokeslam**)

In addition to story editing on many Alberta based film and television projects, Jason is the screenwriting instructor in the film and video department at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology.

Jason is currently helping the feature film In Plainview, funded by Telefilm Canada’s Microbudget Program, into production as Associate Producer, Casting Agent, and Story Editor. His latest feature length screenplay, Ice Blue, went to camera in 2017 with the assistance of Telus Optik Local and the Shaw Rocket Fund and premiered at the 2017 Calgary International Film Festival. He’s also currently developing his television series, Snaring Junction, with Catapult Entertainment Group in Los Angeles.

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