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Don Watson is the famous voice of Captain Courageous, a children's radio show in the 1940's. He is soon confronted with the very nemesis his fictional counterpart battles on a Mother's Day visit to his hometown.

Episode Preview

The Cast

James Noonan

James Noonan - Don Watson and Captain Courageous

James is very excited to be involved with the Darkside Drive show and this wonderful team of actors and crew. He has been acting on stage and in film since 1994 in over 60 plays and several TV shows. short films and commercials. He is also one of the founding members of Simply Theatre founded in London Ontario in 1996 and is now based in the beautiful city of Calgary since 2014.

Omatta Udalor

Omatta Udalor - Arnold Freeman

Omatta Udalor, is a Masters of Arts graduate and practicing thespian. He is a Compare, Producer, Actor, Director, Model, Voice Artiste.

He began his professional career as a child actor and continued into his adult years. He quickly got his feet wet moving to Canada with stints on Till You're 16, AMC's Hell on Wheels, Private Dicks, stage play Bonds by Urban Theatre and various commercials.

Chandler Kerr

Chandler Kerr - Reggie Buckthorn

Chandler Kerr made his radio theatre debut with Darkside Drive. He is best known for playing the lead, “Tommy”, in Lewis John Carlino’s famous play, “The Brick & the Rose”. He sung the lead in “Benjamin Calypso” for “Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in Drumheller where he went to high school. He has studied at Studio 7, 6 Degrees, ToonVox, Actor’s Training Centre and the Company of Rogues. He acted in some local independent projects such as “How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse in Retail” before landing a part in the popular TV series “Fargo” and “Hell on Wheels.” He recently composed a piano theme for an indie and hopes to use his talent for theatre and film. When not acting, Chandler spends his time helping people earn more income, become debt free and achieve financial independence. He thanks his agent and his audience for a wonderful experience living his major purpose in life.

Robert Kirik

Robert Kirik - Boyd

A stage actor since 1985, he has appeared in over forty stage productions. Highlights include "Hamlet", "Waiting For Godot" "Death Of A Salesman" "The Trojan Women" "The Lion In Winter" "The Merchant Of Venice" and "One Flew Over The Cockoo's Nest". He has had a great time participating in this fantastic Radio Series. Robert will be seen next as "Patrick Yurkowski" in the feature film "Mayflower ll"

Stuart Bentley

Stuart Bentley - Reverend Hugh Morris

Stuart has been acting (and occasionally singing) on stage and in film for 45 years. Stage highlights include Nixon in “Frost-Nixon”, Henry Higgins in "My Fair Lady" and Caldwell B. Cladwell in “Urinetown: The Musical”. Recent film and TV credits include roles in "Damnation" and "Wynonna Earp", and the crazed killer Gordo in "Herschell Gordon Lewis' Bloodmania". Voice work has become Stuart's passion and along with the commercials he has recorded for radio over the years, he is thrilled to be working with the talented team on Darkside Drive!

The Writer

Ben Rowe

Ben Rowe

Ben Rowe is a writer, director, and producer of film and television based in Calgary, Alberta. Darkside Drive is his first experience with radio drama, but hopefully not the last.

He is a proud member of the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, and past projects have taken him as far as India for a groundbreaking international co-production. He co-hosts the classic horror movie podcast Scream Scene with his wife, Sarah Rowe, which updates weekly on SoundCloud and iTunes.

In 2018 he will begin developing his first feature film, a period mystery thriller about the NWMP.

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