Strange Cargo

Amidst an interstellar war, the cargo barge Demeter is carrying critical supplies to planet Alabastia when a curious cargo container not on the manifest, asteroids, and a Cerulean warlord turn a mission (mysteriously marked as triple-pay) into turmoil.

Episode Preview

"Strange Cargo" - The Cast

Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson - "Captain Maxwell Braun"

Greg is a Calgary based actor and musician. Recent theatre credits include: No Way Out (Theatre Outre), Hamlet (Theatre Calgary), Betrayal (Search Tower Company). When not onstage he can be found playing in the indie rock band The Left Behinds, or talking up a storm on his podcast: Two Bad Neighbors, available on iTunes.

Sydney Lloyd

Sydney Lloyd - "Lieutenant Canard"

Sydney Lloyd has been involved in theatre since her high school years and is now attending professional acting school in Los Angeles, California. Sydney has a love for many of the facets of performing including singing, dancing, voice work, and acting.

Marie Antoinette Francisco-Gibbins

Marie Antoinette Francisco-Gibbons - "Cerulean Warlord"

Ever since she was a little girl she would make voices for her toys and dolls. Sometimes you could see her playing with her toys by herself but you could have sworn she was with someone else. When she got into Voice Acting people have said she sounds like a young boy or girl. Telemarketers have mistaken her voice for a child many times. She can imitate characters like Yoshi, Elmo and other children cartoon characters. Her voice is very versatile as both young male and female voices.

Mike Anthony

Mike Anthony - "Sergeant Harker"

Mike Anthony has been acting off and on for 20 years which includes 3 years of Voice Acting. In addition, he is the director/writer for his own Web Series "The Reapers" that is currently in production. When not Acting, Mike enjoys Video Games, Anime, and playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. He is always on the hunt for the next gig and has been successfully finding lots of work on the Indie Market. If you're interested in hearing more of his work or listening to his demos, feel free to look him up on his website:

Jaron Whittingham - "Coproral Morris"

Other Voices

Jasmine Retzer - "Computer Voice"

Space Traffic Controller - "Sarah Rowe"

The Author

Don Roff

Don Roff

Don Roff is no stranger to short and scary fiction. Over the past 10 years, his frightening yarns have been published under the Scholastic banner with titles like SCARY STORIES, WEREWOLF TALES, and TERRIFYING TALES. In adult fiction, he has produced two bestselling works—ZOMBIES: A RECORD OF THE YEAR OF INFECTION, published by Chronicle Books/Simon & Schuster UK, as well as the supernatural thriller, SNOWBLIND, published by Brambleberry Books. SNOWBLIND is currently in development as a major motion picture. A former US Army Ranger, Don resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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